USDA 43-A-4205 Inspection Report S Christopher Wilson

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Breed Information:

Shih Tzu
Nicknamed "Lion Dog" and native to China, the history of this breed is fascinating. Dating back to the 1600's, it is believed that the Lhasa Apso and the Pekingese were crossed to create the Shih Tzu. This breed was so prized by China that they refused to allow anyone else anywhere have these dogs as companions until the late 1900s where the first two were imported to England.
This little breed comes in all sorts of colors and marking and doesn't get much more cute. They appear to have a little bearded on their muzzle, and most owners allow the hair on their head to grow until it is long enough to get tied in a bow or band to keep it away from their eyes. Interesting trait of the Shih Tzu is that if the dog is the color of Liver, than his or her eyes, pads and nose are the same color as well. This applies if they are shaded Blue, and if they are any other colors and patterns, than the eyes, pads and nose on them are both solid black. Their floppy pendant shaped ears face downwards and frame their face, and their tail curls over their back and the long coat of hair drapes over their body. Their hair is extremely fine and smooth, it also carries a beautiful natural shine. Both males and females average weight is 10-15pounds, and they stand no higher than 10 1/2 inches in height.
Shih Tzu's do well with other animals, dogs, elderly and children of all ages. Though aware of its surroundings, this breed tends to be very friendly with even strangers. They are calm, loving and goofy dogs. They only require a single walk a day, however it is recommended that they get to have some other play time with you inside your home. Shih Tzu's require an owner who is calm and loving that promotes positive reinforcement. This breed is known to have some issues being house-broken, however with proper training and encouragement this can be solved.
This breed requires daily brushing and bathing when needed. Some owners prefer to have their Shih Tzu in a "puppy cut", which is a short hair style for this breed, which will eliminate the upkeep on their long hair. This breed does not shed.