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Summer Oswall Breeder

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Summer Oswall passed all unannounced inspections and her kennel goes far and above the requirements of the United States Animal Welfare Act.

Summer Oswall has a Minnesota licensed attending veterinarian. 

Summer Oswall has in place daily socialization and exercise program, approved by the attending licensed veterinarian, for all of his adult dogs and puppies.

Summer Oswall feeds all of her adult dogs and puppies only premium dog foods.

Summer Oswall provides veterinary care, inoculations, dewormings, and proper grooming for all of his adult dogs and puppies.

All of Summer Oswall’s breeding males and females have been certified free of one or more potential congenital defects by licensed veterinarians. 

All of Summer Oswall’s breeding males and females have two or more points towards the Championship titles.

Summer Oswall has attended over 6 hours of ongoing breeder educational seminars for 2013.

Summer Oswall is a quality breeder specializing in the breed of Shih Tzu.

Summer Oswall's inspected kennel is located Minnesota.

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